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Shauneille Smith

One significant moment occurred during a visit to Walmart. As I stood in a lengthy checkout line, I could sense the critical gazes of onlookers behind me. Their sighs grew louder and more impatient as I meticulously counted out each coin to pay for my groceries. Motivated by a sense of urgency, I turned around to address the repeated, exasperated sighs of a child accompanied by his father. The man met my gaze and urged me to take my time while silencing his son. These encounters, along with similar experiences, pushed me to a tipping point where the never-ending cycle of scarcity became unbearable.


It became evident that there were recurring patterns in my life.


This realization compelled me to acknowledge that if I desired genuine change, I needed to transform my actions and adopt a more effective system to achieve the results I knew were possible.

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