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There is a process to progress!

Achieving goals is great. But achievement alone often leaves the leader frustrated. You know that you are capable of so much more.

Focusing on what you were born to do. Brings the fulfillment and enjoyment of helping others to do the same. 

Let me assist you in walking toward your purpose.

Shauneille Smith

Leadership & Purpose

I help women leaders of faith to focus on what matters most. I assist in identifying their life purpose. If you are ready to invest in yourself, learn, and grow. I want to meet you!

Shaubeille Smith

Today, more than ever, it's crucial for you to understand your true self in order to recognize the unique value you were brought to this earth to contribute. Failing to recognize your worth may lead you to settle for less and accept frustration as your standard. By consistently working on what you're passionate about, you'll start to see progress.

The Hook Up. This book was written to inform readers what you need to know before you start your process to progress..

About Shauneille Smith

My mission is to educate and support overworked and frustrated women leaders. I aim to help them find their path to inner freedom, identify overlooked and underutilized gifts and talents, and achieve fulfillment in an ever-evolving world.

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Personal Development

Personal Development

Personal & Staff Development


Staff Development

Online Speaking & Self-Paced Courses


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I teach strategies that can be used with the team in your family, community, or organization. Individual success tied to team success equals a win for all.

Do you feel stressed, burnout, and unfulfilled?

Ready to make changes to elevate your leadership and lifestyle?

Time to transition!

Move from burnout to a purposeful, fulfilling life.


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Stressed women leaders face burnout from work-life challenges and unique pressures.

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Heavy workloads exhaust them managing work and home demands.

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Gender bias heightens stress, impacting well-being and burnout vulnerability.

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Insufficient support systems contribute to burnout risk.

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Burnout leads to anxiety, depression, and reduced job satisfaction.

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Before working with Shauneille, some problems that our girls were dealing with were navigating through peer pressure, low self-esteem, parent-family relationships, and discovering just who they are and their self-worth in society.
Top 5 Challenges for Women in Leadership

See the challenges that women leaders face from a different angle.

"Top 5 Challenges for Women in Leadership with Journal Affirmation & Prompts for Reflection."

This resource was created for women leaders to educate, inspire, address current issues and brainstorm possible solutions . Shauneille remains committed to making you think! This download combines informative content with affirmations, provocative journal prompts to encourage self-reflection and personal growth.

Information is useless without the understanding of how to apply it.
The problem today isn’t information. It’s how to apply the information to the areas of your life to make it work for you.


~Shauneille Smith

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